Understanding your system, network and web needs is critical creating the appropriate server service. By evaluating your use and requirements for hosting, we are able to scour the market an find the exact system match.


Over the years, STI has developed a number of strategic alliances with various hosting companies. These hosting companies a continuously rated in the top in the world and provide a state of the art technology data centers for customer hosting needs. STI adds value to these hosting services by providing the front line support for server administration, email and setup. Additionally, we handle all aspects of support and act as your agent to deal with the network operations center (NOC). You will only need to make one call, and we will handle the NOC and other service personnel to resolve, trouble shoot and reinstate any issue with the your web server. We will also assist you with moves from one carrier to another if the services do not meet guaranteed uptime, functionality, and/or performance.

The following overview discusses the difference and definition for both Shared server and Dedicated server environments:

Shared Hosting

Shared and Dedicated hosting solutions each have their advantages and their disadvantages. Shared hosting (also referred to as 'virtual hosting') options significantly reduce the server cost by allowing multiple Web sites to reside on a single server that is connected to a high-speed Internet backbone. Shared hosting plans generally limit the amount of disk space and data transfer (bandwidth) that are available for your site as a result. While this allows for cost-effective hosting, there is a downside. Because websites utilizing a shared hosting solution run on a server with other domains all of which are using the same system resources (RAM, CPU, etc…), if you have a high traffic site, you simply may not be able to accommodate a large number of simultaneous visitors due to the lack of system resources available. Another disadvantage is that while you have the option of using pre-installed scripts and programs, you cannot install your own custom applications.

On the other hand, with a shared hosting package there is no need for a server administrator to setup, constantly monitor and secure your server, nor do you need to worry about security. Additionally, shared environments are consistently updated and upgraded without requests or additional fees. Shared hosting is most recommended for small to medium-sized web sites, and do not require custom programs or installations.

Dedicated Hosting

The primary difference between a shared and a dedicated hosting solution is that with a dedicated plan, your site resides on its own server, thereby decreasing the risk of server-related issues. The increased power and autonomy of your own dedicated server provides greater computing capacity as well as enhanced storage resources. as a result, dedicated solutions reduce response time and increase processing speed, allowing for faster access to your web site information and service offerings. Another issue with dedicated hosting is many of the features inherent on shared environment hosting are not included with the dedicated system. So, features like Secure Socket Layer (SSL), email programs and other applications are not included and most likely will need to be bought or leased and then installed and maintained at additional cost.

A dedicated server gives the client the necessary flexibility to host multiple sites on one machine, while deploying sophisticated applications (databases, streaming media, high-end email solutions, etc…). In addition, dedicated servers offer scalability, giving you the room to accommodate additional visitors to your site, while at the same time allowing you more room to enrich and expand the site itself. Finally, dedicated servers provide greater performance reliability because dedicated web hosting gives you exclusive server access and total manageability and control over your own site and machine.

Servers can be custom built, based on any specification. Despite the range in cost between a shared hosting and a dedicated hosting solution, with dedicated hosting you can be sure that your site/application will be the server’s first priority. In addition, you can always upgrade your server for better performance by adding an additional processor, more memory, disk drives, tape backup, etc...

Cloud Systems


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